Second demo at Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

This week marked an exciting time for Defenzia as we had the opportunity to come back to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a second demo for the command staff. Below are a few videos from that visit:


Productive week @ Defenzia

This week our staff has been busy building a brand new testing and training facility at our Phoenix head quarters. This will enable us to conduct tests on new products as well as host demonstrations for various agencies.


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Mean while the Southeast team of Defenzia was busy conducting demos for agencies in South and Central Florida. These agencies included Pembroke Pines PD, Wauchula PD, and Hardee County SO. Videos from the demos can be viewed below.

Next week Defenzia will be headed to Georgia to conduct a secondary demo for the command staff at Atlanta PD as well as a demo for the Gainesville PD of the Defenzia M09 less lethal firearm.  Please subscribe to our news feed to keep up to date with events and news regarding Defenzia LLC. Stay safe out there!


Defenzia Meets With Richardson P.D.

Today Defenzia had the opportunity to present the M09 platform to the officers at the Richardson Police Department in NE Texas. Below you can find videos from our demo:

Northeast Texas; Second Day

Today marked the second full day of demonstrations for Defenzia LLC in Northeast Texas. We had the opportunity to conduct demos for the city of Arlington’s Police Department and Rockwall Co. Sheriff’s Office. Below you can find the videos related to today’s visits:



Mean while in West Texas… a second team from Defenzia conducted demos for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and El Paso P.D. The second week of 2017 has marked a successful time for the company meeting with five of the largest law enforcement agencies in the great state of Texas. Stay tuned for more information.


During a recent visit to North Carolina, the Defenzia team had the opportunity to test the capability of the M09’s stopping power. We took three shots against an automobile windshield using the Defenzia .55 caliber impact munitions. The impact round was able to penetrate the windshield at a distance of 20 feet. The video can be viewed below:


Defenzia recently had the pleasure of visiting with the training team at Miami Dade P.D. During our team’s visit to their training facility we demonstrated the rapid fire capability of the M09 with flash-bang rounds. The video can be viewed below:

Defenzia Weapons Test with Tampa SWAT

The Defenzia team recently had the privilege of meeting up with the men of Tampa City’s SWAT Team to test the flash-bang capabilities of the M09. Click on the video below to check it out:

Defenzia M09 Demo with Miami P.D.

Defenzia recently demonstrated the capabilities of the less lethal M09 firearm with the training staff at Miami P.D. in South Florida. Click on the link below to view the video: